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In 1999, WorldSpace Foundation launched a series of informational sessions designed to update interested individuals about the appropriate role of communications technology in Africa. Below are the transcripts of each session. Tapes of the 1999 sessions can be ordered free of charge from the foundation.

The Africa Learning Channel: Revolutionizing Development and Giving Voice to NGOs. March 30, 1999. Features C. Payne Lucas, president of Africare, and Gracia Hillman, president of WorldSpace Foundation. Moderated by Dorothy Ridings, president of Council on Foundations.

Africa's Oral Tradition: Using the Spoken Word to Promote the Continent's Best Development Practices. October 20, 1999. Features William R. Ford, former president of African Development Foundation, and Gracia Hillman, president of WorldSpace Foundation. Moderated by Renée Poussaint, president of Poussaint Communications.


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