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clearIn earlier times, before telecommunications, aviation, railways, or even printed books, people would willingly journey across oceans, mountains and deserts in search of knowledge. Today, it is not necessary for most of us to undertake such arduous journeys of discovery. In fact, modern technology has meant information overload for some people. Nevertheless, in many parts of the developing world, there is still a yearning for information that others take for granted.

In the 1980s, entrepreneur Noah Samara became increasingly concerned with the effects of this information dearth, as seen in the rampant spread of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa. He committed himself to creating a new form of media that would reach the underserved populations of the world in a reliable and efficient manner. The result was the creation of the WorldSpace satellite technology that delivers digital audio and multimedia content directly to specially designed radios.

True change does not begin with declarations, legislation and grand action. These are its effects. Great change occurs somewhat quietly, almost imperceptibly, but always first in the minds of people ... Information is the predicate to everything we know. It is ubiquitous. It is behind our DNA, the chair we sit on, the building we are in. It is the wealth of nations; it explains the poverty of nations.

Noah Samara, Founder, Chairman & CEO of WorldSpace Corporation in a speech to the National Summit on Africa, February 17, 2000

WorldSpace Foundation is the embodiment of Noah Samara's commitment to fighting poverty by bringing information to the people who need it most. It was founded in August 1997 following a conference in Accra, Ghana during which government and non-governmental organization representatives from across Africa and the globe met to discuss the best ways to use the WorldSpace satellite system for social development and distance education. The foundation was registered as a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization in January 1998.


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