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wsf multi-media service
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The WSF Multi-Media Service is a cost-effective service for our partners working in regions with little or no access to the Internet to transmit web-based multimedia documents via satellite to the computers of target audiences. Since April 2000, many African physicians, community health workers, farmers, meteorologists, community development workers, disaster relief workers, and community broadcasters have been receiving a variety of social development information through this service. On April 29, 2002, WSF launched the service in Asia and the Pacific, enabling our local and international partners to transmit similar information to audiences throughout the region.

Sites and content providers on the WSF Multi-Media Service include (follow this link to see detailed site descriptions):

Topic area: Agriculture and Environment
*Developing Countries Farm Radio Network

Topic area:Climate

Topic area: Community Development
*Arid Lands Information Networks of East Africa

Topic area: Health
*Helen Keller Worldwide
*Royal Perth Hospital

Topic area: Youth
*Straight Talk Foundation

Topic area: Development, Humanitarian, and Political News
*Integrated Regional Information Network

Topic area: Technology Training
*Volunteers in Technical Assistance


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